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Student Employment Positions

Title Hourly Wage Department Term
Admissions Community Communications Aide $12.50 Undergraduate Admissions Fall '19/Spring '20
Advancement Events Aide $12.00 Institutional Advancement Fall '19/Spring '20
Advancement Events Graduate Aide $13.00 Institutional Advancement Fall '19/Spring '20
Assistant SharePoint Manager in Training $13.50 School of Education Fall '19/Spring '20
Computer Specialist I $12.00 ITS, Client Support Services Fall '19/Spring '20
Facilities Office Aide $12.00 Facilities Fall '19/Spring '20
Inclusive Excellence Office Administrative Aide - Workstudy $12.00 Office of Inclusive Excellence Fall '19/Spring '20
Integrations and Identity Management Intern $13.00 ITS, Technology Integration Fall '19/Spring '20
Lab Assistant I $12.50 School of Nursing Fall '19/Spring '20
LEAD Ambassador $12.00 Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Diversity Fall '19/Spring '20
Media and Communication Office Aide $12.75 Economics Fall '19/Spring '20
Media Services Assistant Level II $14.00 ITS, Media Services Fall '19/Spring '20
Office Aide $13.00 School of Education Fall '19/Spring '20
Office Aide - Geography and Sustainability $12.50 World Languages and Cultures Fall '19/Spring '20
Office Aide - World Languages and Cultures $12.50 World Languages and Cultures Fall '19/Spring '20
Office Aide II $13.00 Bertolon School of Business Fall '19/Spring '20
Operations Office Aide $13.00 Enrollment Management Operations Fall '19/Spring '20
Psychology Office Aide $12.00 Psychology Fall '19/Spring '20
Security Assistant $12.00 University Police Fall '19/Spring '20
Service Desk Aide $14.00 ITS, Client Support Services Fall '19/Spring '20
Sociology Front Desk Aide $12.00 Sociology Fall '19/Spring '20
Student Life Office Assistant $13.00 Student Life Fall '19/Spring '20
Technical Aide II $13.00 Media and Communication Fall '19/Spring '20
Tutor I $13.00 Center for Academic Excellence Fall '19/Spring '20
Tutor II $13.50 Center for Academic Excellence Fall '19/Spring '20
Video Services Assistant $12.00 ITS, Media Services Fall '19/Spring '20
Writing Center Tutor $12.00 English Fall '19/Spring '20
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