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Student Employment Positions

Project Coordinator – School of Graduate Studies

The Graduate Studies Project Coordinator will work with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) leadership team to assist the project manager in preparing documents to inform potential revisions to our website, graduate catalog, graduate student handbook, and similar content.

This individual will attend weekly in-person meetings to discuss the project progress, and depending on skills, the individual may help draft revised content based on the information gathered.

Between weekly meetings, the individual will work independently to gather, organize, and evaluate information from multiple sources (e.g., national and state databases, competitor websites, research articles). Then, they will summarize and synthesize information for SGS leadership in weekly meetings.

In addition to gathering and organizing information for the revisions, the individual may assist with student support activities for the School of Graduate Studies (e.g., graduate student events).

Duties and Responsibilities

Independently coordinate information from multiple sources

  • Gather and organize information from multiple sources using Word, Excel, and SharePoint
  • Summarize, evaluate, and synthesize information for weekly meetings

Assist project manager in preparing documents

  • Attend weekly, in-person meetings to discuss progress
  • Draft revised content

Assist with graduate student support activities

Minimum Qualifications


Participation in project that required 6 months or more to complete

Well-organized, especially in digital environments

Experienced in SharePoint and other Microsoft products

Proven ability to think critically, evaluate utility of information in relation to project goals, and compare multiple sources and perspectives


Communication skills, specifically ability to tailor information to audience




Danney Rasco | 978.542.4977

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