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Student Employment Positions

Peer Tutor for Evidence-Based Practice – School of Social Work

The tutor will partner with professors in SWK 707 in providing peer support to students on course content. The tutor will not review or grade student papers. Topics include research design, statistics interpretation and overall concept considerations. The tutor will provide individual and/or group sessions. The tutor will have at least 30 minutes supervision per week.

Duties and Responsibilities

The tutor will provide up to 10 hours per week of peer support to students in individual or group sessions, plus supervision time.

Minimum Qualifications

The tutor must be a student in SWK 707 in good standing or one who graduated from that course with good standing, with a recommendation from the professor. Ideally the tutor will have past experience in tutoring or mentoring.




Elspeth Slayter | 978.542.7459

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