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Student Employment Positions

Research Assistant – Geography and Sustainability

Remote Sensing Internship to support faculty research surrounding Climate Change in the Persian Gulf Region. This research assistant with be working with CEDS (Center for Economic Development & Sustainability) and the Geography and Sustainability Department faculty to download geographic data, perform data analysis using GIS and image processing software, conduct a literature review and assist in report writing.

Duties and Responsibilities

RA will download TERRA and AQUA MODIS Land Surface Temperature (LST) data, analyze using IDRISI image processing software, conduct related literature review and assist in writing of report that focuses on the Persian Gulf region.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience with TERRA and AQUA MODIS land surface temperature (LST) data, and a working knowledge of IDRISI image processing software necessary. Familiarity with the Persian Gulf would be helpful.




Lorri Krebs | 978.542.7644

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