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Student Employment Positions

BSB Tutor – Bertolon School of Business

Provide Bertolon School of Business (BSB)students with qualified tutors that can provide supportive assistance to complement classroom activities and enable students to meet course academic standards and objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for keeping all scheduled appointments. Tutoring subjects include Accounting, (preference will be given to students who have finished at least Intermediate Accounting I) Finance, and Quantitative Analysis (ODS 262), and Bloomberg Terminal usage.

Contact Don White, Director of Student Success @ 978.314.6143 or

Minimum Qualifications

Demonstrated proficiency in at least one of the following concentrations, Accounting, Finance or Operations and Decision Sciences. Capable of tutoring student in ACC 106, ACC 202, ACC 300 or FIN 100, FIN 301 or ODS 262, ODS 333 or usage of the Bloomberg terminals in the Cabot Wealth management Lab.

Good communications skills, patience, desire to help students succeed.




Don White | 978.542.6634

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