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Student Employment Positions

Jumpstart Corps Member – Childhood Education and Care

Jumpstart is a national organization working with children to ensure language, literacy and social-emotional programming. Collaboration and teamwork essential in work functions.

Duties and Responsibilities

Jumpstart - This is a great opportunity to work in an AmeriCorps program that partners college students with preschoolers in Head Start. Jumpstart Corps members who complete 300 hours of service (i.e. in training, planning hours, and in classrooms) receive a $1,200.00 educational grant. This is approximately 8-12 hours/week. If you are in the Early Ed and Care program, particularly the preschool program, this is a great opportunity to get paid for completing your required hours. Field hours for other courses/programs can also be completed.

There are two positions available for those who cannot commit to the 300 hours.

More information is available here: (Links to an external site.)

Minimum Qualifications

Strong language and communication skills. Ability to communicate and collaborate with families, children and partners. Professionalism and commitment to service.




Youn Jung Huh | 978.542.2920

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