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Student Employment Positions

ClipperCard Office Assistant – Business Affairs

The ClipperCard Office is looking for a student worker for the summer 2022. They will be assisting with preparing for the upcoming semester with marketing along with creating new ID cards for the incoming Fall 2022 class. They will also be responsible for the day to day emails/phone calls to the general ClipperCard accounts.

Flexible hours to be discussed as needed.Send your resume to Dennis Koontz @

Duties and Responsibilities

The ClipperCard Office Assistant responsibilities include:

- answering the office phone and responding back to emails.

- look up classified and private information on any patron in the system in order to answer any possible questions that arise.

- assist in accepting photos and printing out ID cards for new students.

- make changes and updates in the system as needed and approved by the supervisor.

- help with publications that would be coming out of the office with regards to updates and changes in the system.

- help with the maintenance of the system and the updates of both hardware and software.

- assist in basic office responsibilities.

- Other duties will be assigned as supervisor needs.

Minimum Qualifications

Basic PC computer skills. Good with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Have reliable, honest customer service skills and a working knowledge of the ClipperCard capabilities.




Dennis Koontz | 978.542.6037

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