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Student Employment Positions

Laboratory Technician – Psychology

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee proposed the creation of two student employment laboratory technician positions (i.e., work study) to support faculty member and principal investigator in the care, research and welfare of the university's laboratory animals. For the Fall of 2017 and Spring 2018, the laboratory requires the participation of at least one student 20 hours per week, Monday-Friday to conduct research as follows: set up the computers, experimental chambers, feeders (adding food), apparatus (review the programs) and transport the animals (32 rats) to the experimental room; (2) two running sessions, using 16 experimental chambers; (3) weigh and feed each of the 32 rats; and clean and wash cages.

Minimum Qualifications

Major in Psychology, GPA 3.5 or above, pass the CITI training on line (doing research with rats in the laboratory), and courses required: Introduction to Psychology, PSY210 Introduction to Learning, PSY203S & PSY204R Research Methods and Statistics I, II, and Applied Behavior Analysis related courses.




Patricia Kantorosinski | 978.542.6354

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