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Student Employment Positions

Police Dept Office Assistant I – University Police

The position is integral to the University Police department as a whole, with a specific focus on parking operations. The Office Assistant role is primarily a customer-service based job, assisting the campus community in-person, via email, and via phone. You will also be tasked with working within some University Police-specific computer systems. After the initial training and on-boarding, the person in this position will be trusted to complete their tasks with minimal supervision. This role is best suited for a "self-starter" who is confident in dealing with a wide range of unpredictable questions from our campus community.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Staffing customer service workstation and handling inquiries from the community about parking related matters. Inquiries are handled via walk-in traffic, phone calls, and email.

- Facilitate the sales of parking decals via our online parking store.

- Variety of data entry related tasks related to parking and police matters.

- Help maintain parking decal database, ensuring all records are up to date (examples include updating vehicle information, license plate information, or decal numbers).

- Assist University Police officers with investigations by supplying requested information from parking database.

Minimum Qualifications

Excellent customer service and communication skills, computer and typing abilities, basic knowledge of the Salem State campus is desired. Applicant should be comfortable using a Windows based computer, and be receptive to training on University Police specific software applications. This position will be privy to sensitive/confidential information, and anyone in this role must be able to maintain the integrity of that information. Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume electronically to police administrator Nick DiFranco at Subject to criminal background investigation. Criminal Justice majors are encouraged to apply.




Nick DiFranco | 978.542.2744

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