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Student Employment Positions

Technical Assistant I – Communications

This is a "Work Study" position. You must have been awarded work study for the semester that you are applying for. If you do not have work study, please check the links below to find out about the process, timing and eligibility requirements you'd need to determine whether you could receive work study.

Job Description

The Technical Assistant I will monitor both labs and make sure only Communications and Business students are using the labs. The cleanliness of the lab is your primary responsibility followed by keeping supplies on hand.

*Job Duties and Tasks include:

Loading Printers with paper. Make sure lab supplies are always available, such as tape, paper, paper clips, staples etc...

Keep white boards in both labs (CC148 and CC153), and CC135 and CC137 stocked with markers and clean the white boards each shift with paper towels and water.

***Make sure the labs are cleaned regularly: Monitors each shift, dusting computers, and cleaning windows/door in the case of CC153. Please dispose of drinks and or any paper, wrappers on the floor. We have a lab vacuum and the floors in the labs should be vacuumed regularly. Keyboards should be cleaned several times during the semester and/or when they are visibly dirty. Tables in both labs should be wiped down and cleaned with cleaner.

Of note, you have to take initiative on this job to be successful. Make a plan, and stick to it. You have to be methodical and self motivated or this may not work for you.

Hours are between 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays and you are welcome to work on weekends as well.

**If you are the only employee in the lab at closing time you will be responsible for the security of the labs by closing down and locking doors.

Thank You!

Minimum Qualifications

No experience with Apple required; although helpful. Timely, Responsible, Strong communication skills and helpful nature. Independent with the ability to take initiative in getting tasks done.




Ellen Hughes | 978.542.6712

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